1 Month Subscription


*What will you receive/What to expect:


- Personalized program with video demonstrations


- Personal profile to monitor progression (ie: Metrics, progression pictures, strength progression) 


- Remote fitness coaching gives you the freedom to get fit based on your schedule and budget. You’re getting many of the benefits of an expert personal trainer without the hassle of the commuting or paying a club pricing structure.


- Accountability check ins with your coach


- Your online fitness coach will schedule occasional check-ins with you. Check-ins can take place over text, email, phone call, or video conferencing service like Zoom, Skype or Google Hangouts. You will discuss your advancements, obstacles and ways to improve. Ask your online personal trainer any questions that you have about your workouts or nutrition program. You can also ask your coach to demonstrate any exercises and provide tips and advice.


- You will start your personalized program 24-48 hours after your purchase that way we can critically analyze your response and put together your training program!


What differentiates this subscription from the Personalized 3 month subscription, is the ability to receive weekly check ins with your coach as well as the personalized program. You will be assigned a pre made 4 week training program, in the format of “Workouts of the day”.


1 Month Remote Personal Programming