Group Training

You can workout on your own, or you can be apart of something bigger than you.
A healthier tomorrow begins today.

Mindset is key.

Our Packages

You don't have to be extreme, just consistent.

3 month membership
Come for a seasonal experience to our community  without long term commitment!
Unlimited classes
$15 nutritional shake credit
6 month membership
Use this time to leverage us for your goals and then take the pen to write your own story.
Unlimited classes
$20 nutritional shake credit
12 month membership
Let's commit to a years worth of memories and conquered endeavors.
Unlimited classes
$25 nutritional shake credit

Customer testimonials

Our members

"Since coming to Dilligence I have found such a great support system. From the coaches down to the other clients. Everyone is like a huge family wanting to see the next person succeed. If you’re looking for accountability or just somewhere to start your fitness journey, this is the place to be. The coaches take their time with you and work with all fitness levels. You will not be disappointed!"

Aisha Ike

Dilligence Training Member

"Dilligence training is a family oriented gym where you can feel respected, well cared for, and comfortable while working out.  Trainers are enthusiastic, well-rounded, and like the name says, diligent.  You see folks of a variety of ages getting their work out in and trainers adjusting exercises when needed to match the different levels of experience.."

Rebeca Russell 

Dilligence Training Member

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