Dilligence Training Goes
Beyond Fitness

At Dilligence, our social responsibility is to empower our community, starting from our youth with internship opportunities all the way to working with companies and districts to offer professional development.

Internship Opportunities

Offered at a location near you

Dilligence Training currently works closely with local organizations, universities and colleges to offer internship opportunities to our community.

Empowering community leadership with prominent organizations

Dilligence has a partnership with the founding Boys and Girls Club of Hartford, along with universities such as Central Connecticut State University, American International College and Assumption College. 

Gain experience in the field you desire

Our internship experience can vary based on the interest of the intern. Dilligence offers different modalities that will ultimately allow the intern to develop into the professional they desire to be.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Motivate your employees to participate in wellness programs and maintain high levels of engagement.

Inbody 770 scan - In depth analysis of your body composition

We provide a detailed body composition report to support your fitness goals.

Functional Movement Group Training

Classes will be offered on-site for your desired amount per week. All members will perform fundamental movements that align with their daily patterns.

Virtual Group Training - Zoom

Like our in person classes these will be offered one day per week. Open attendance, this is a single subscription offered to entire company.

Live & pre-recorded virtual health seminars and webinars

The live webinar are designed to provided health education to clients that can also be added to
wellness portals and company

DT Way - Train intentionally, train for longevity

Professional Development for faculty and coaches

Dilligence will educate on not only proper programming to generate results for your desired population, but methods for general health and longevity.

Learning Style/Activity: Discussion, application.

Time: 4 hours total - Split into 2 sessions.

Materials: Notepad, Computer.

Design pain free programs according to their respective field.

  • Understanding that all athletes should be assessed properly before programming.

  • Program order matters, how to maximize your KPI’s.

  • Incorporating the (6) foundational movement patterns into each program.

Communicate movement patterns efficiently and effectively for maximal training outcome.

  • Learn how to articulate cues that your athlete can comprehend.

  • Analogies that make sense to your desired pattern.

  • Designing your program to mirror your training and health goals.

Identify imbalances and how to improve them.

  • Identifying a linchpin and how to strengthen the weakness.

  • Strategies to program isolated training into training regimens.

  • Emphasizing the importance of training for proprioception and in different planes of motions.

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