Alex Antolini

West Hartford, Connecticut

Prior to starting Dilligence training I had never been quite able to reach my fitness goals. I went to the gym a couple days a week and made some progress here and there, even tried personal training through that gym, and still my goals were not being met. At the time I was super intimidated to start with a new trainer due to my own insecurities and recent weight gain. When I booked my first consultation I had just recovered from an ankle injury that aided in me gaining 30 pounds. If I could go back I would of started much sooner, from day one Devonte and the rest of DT have provided an atmosphere where I feel totally safe and comfortable. Trusting your trainer is super important to me and I’ve never had to do a workout I couldn’t physically handle, even if mentally I thought I couldn’t accomplish it. My sessions are constantly pushing me out of my comfort zone and were exactly what I needed to start seeing the results I wanted. Fast forward to today and I’ve lost over 35 pounds and 10 inches off of my waist. Not only did I lose weight but my body physique has also changed and toned all around. I never would of thought I could have the body I have now a year ago, I’ve gained the confidence not to just workout on my own but also a new confidence within myself. Devonte has pushed me through workouts I didn’t think I had the physical or mental capacity to do. He and the rest of DT genuinely put time and effort into customizing a unique program for each of their clients, our results really speak for themselves.  The atmosphere in the gym is so uplifting and motivating it’s such a community vibe. I’ve had days where I’m thinking negative and not in the mood to workout, then I complete my session and leave in a totally different mood ready to conquer my day. It’s really become a form of therapy for me and I find myself applying principles I learned there in my day to day life. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of this gym and I can’t wait to conquer all of my new and improved goals!!

Peter Angeh

Silver Springs, Maryland

It has been a absolutely pleasure to be apart of the Diligence training family. My progression has been nothing short of spectacular, from  both a physical and mental standpoint! With that being said, I have been able to push though my limitations and started transforming my body to the structure I want it to be. In doing so, I now feel more energized and present throughout my daily routines. I would like to say thank you to my trainer Devontè for believing in me and pushing me every session. #1family #Dontplayyourself. 

Samantha Waldin

Hartford, Connecticut

After My first session with Dilligence training, I knew I needed to be here. It was exactly what I was looking for and I knew this was the place to take my fitness goals to the next level. Before coming here I lost 30lbs but as an active member of Diligence training I’ve gain muscles in places I never knew I had. I became stronger physically and mentally. Forget the 30lbs lost, here I COMPLETELY transformed my body. And most importantly the atmosphere and the energy is really amazing, the people you meet here ultimately become your family inside and outside the gym. I get excited to come to the gym just to see my favorite people!